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Ice Swimmer

In Finland, “ice swimmers” are these thrill-seeking bathers. The principle at the base of the practice is overcome aphasia through an intense blast of cold.
Sudden immersion already has proven therapeutic value in helping to re-awaken the body’s neurotransmitters from the hypnotic state of asthenia. The practice does no more than vigorously stimulate the organism, bringing it to produce higher levels of serotonin and dopamine, the haematic beta-endorphins, which produce an intense feeling of euphoria in order to prevent depression.

The number of people affected by depression worldwide has risen to 121 million and Europe counts 58,000 suicides annually, with the percentage of people affected by depression at 4.5%, listing Finland, Hungary, Estonia and France as the most heavily hit by the disease.
According to many Finnish scholars, between 40 and 70 percent of suicide cases can be attributed to depressive syndromes.

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