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WARGAMES04WARGAMES03WARGAMES08WARGAMES09A Special Operator from US is performing  during The Warrior Competition 2013.WARGAMES10WARGAMES11WARGAMES12

The War Games is part of UNITED COLOURS OF WAR project, the whole story on INSTITUTE Website

Since 9/11, the business growth of war has increased 5 times under the flag of the Global Security and Counter-Terrorism . The United Colours of War project is studying  this business connected to war following 9/11.War business had never known a ‘Financial Crisis’  and it is keep growing to keep the world safe from Terrorists.

The first chapter realised of this project is The War Games where in a premiere training centre for counter-terrorism last year 35 teams from all over the world took part in a competition for Special Forces Corps only.  They were from US, Iraq, Palestine, Malaysia, Russia, China,  Canada, France, Swiss and other countries. The organisers  have referred the competition as “the Olympics of Counterterrorism”. The competition is a marketing tool for the training centre, one week of training here can cost up to $ 250,000


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The War Games  is being optioned in Hollywood  for a movie treatment inspired to the story.