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I am Luca Locatelli an environmental visual storyteller.


My work aims to open a debate about the environment and our future. I have been working by synergizing art, science, and journalism to explore the world’s most promising solutions to the climate crisis for more than a decade. As an artist, I translate complex scientific data into visually engaging images and distribute them on social networks, publications, and events.


My work has been published in international media such as National Geographic, The New York Times, and TIME. It has also been displayed in prominent global venues, including the Guggenheim Museum of New York, the Shangai Center of Photography, and others.


In addition, for over two years, I have been working on a significant and immersive cultural project concerning the Circular Economy with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which the Gallerie D’Italia Museum of Turin, Italy, will exhibit as a worldwide premiere in September 2023.


Since 2004 I'm a founding partner of a non-governmental association that contributes to protect 600 thousand hectares of tropical forest in the Amazon. 

Photo by Kathy Ryan



2023 - Prix Pictet, Nominated.

2020 - 40th Leica Oscar Barnack Award, Future Studies Portfolio, 1st place.

2020 - World Press Photo Environment stories, The End of Trash, 1st place.

2020 - The World Photography Organization Award, The Future of Farming, 3rd place.

2020 - Photographer of the Year Environment, The End of Trash, Finalist.

2019 - Prix Pictet, Nominated.

2019 - MIA Photo Fair, 2nd place.

2018 - World Press Photo, Hunger Solutions, 2nd place.

2018 - The World Photography Organization Award, The White Gold, 1st place.

2017 - The Nannen Prize, Mega Mecca, 1st place.

2014 - The Aftermath Project, United Colours of War, 1st place.


2023 - Future Studies, Photo Festival La Gacilly, France.

2022 - Future Studies, Leica Gallery Vienna, Austria.

2022 - Future Studies, Rifugio Digitale Gallery, Italy.

2022 - White Gold, Photomenta at MUSA the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2021 - Featured in Countryside, the Future by Rem Koolhaas, Guggenheim Museum, NYC, USA.

2021 - Future Studies, Shanghai Center of Photography, China.

2021 - Future Studies, Leica Gallery Taipei, Taipei.

2021 - Future Studies, Leica Galerie Singapore, Singapore.

2021 - Future Studies, Pangea Photo Festival, Italy.

2021 - Future Studies, Gongbech Gallery, Jeju, Korea.

2020 - World Press Photo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2020 - The Sony World Photography Awards, Somerset House, London.

2020 - The Future of Farming, Phest, Monopoli, Italy.

2018 - The Sony World Photography Awards, Somerset House, London.

2018 - World Press Photo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2018 - Exhibition in Genova for ERG


2022 - The Festival of the New European Bauhaus, Ferropolis, Germany.

2022 - Conference on the Future of Europe by European Commission, MAST Bologna, Italy.

2021 - Fotografare il futuro, TEDxMilano, Milano, Italy.

2021 - Destination Zero Waste, CRRA, California, USA.

2019 - ICON Design Talks, Milano, Italy.

2018 - Fujifilm X-Vision Tour, MAST, Bologna, Italy.

2018 - Fotografare il futuro, Festival del giornalismo, Perugia, Italy.

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