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BASF Italia - Campaign testimonial 'From the Future, visions and images from our tomorrow'

With the campaign 'From the Future, visions and images from our tomorrow ' BASF and Luca Locatelli intend to give a different projection. A new time, with innovation and technology to support humanity as it strives to meet the challenges of the millennium. A transition towards a model in which economy and environment coexist in harmonious balance, in the very spaces where the majority of people live: our cities.

Luca Locatelli provides a set of shots dedicated to that portion of the future that is already among us. BASF illustrates the role of sustainable chemistry through concrete examples, often invisible but crucial, such as water-draining pavements or coastal protection solutions. Together, they feed into the 'From the future: visions and images of our tomorrow' campaign, which covers the whole of 2023, taking the public on a journey that touches on relevant topics such as energy transition, new lifestyles and innovation in materials.

"My work is about opening a debate on the environment and our future, Art, science and journalism are the tools I try to fuse together to explore the most promising solutions to the climate crisis. As an artist, I try to translate complex scientific data and results into visually engaging images that communicate these solutions to as wide an audience as possible. The collaboration with BASF is based on this approach'.

Lorenzo Bottinelli, CEO of BASF Italia, commented, 'Even in times of uncertainty, we continue to look to the future with optimism. We do so because our perspective is that of a company that, for over 150 years, has been innovating and fostering human development through sustainable chemistry. With this new campaign, stimulated by Luca's beautiful images, we want to show real examples of how mankind can already face and overcome the great challenges of our time, thanks to scientific innovation'.

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