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Luisa Via Roma - Campaign MY EARTH IS BEATING (Senegal)

A path is carved across the water, and with every two steps, a mangrove's propagule is planted with bare hands in the delta.
Within a month, before the heavv rains are due, a new leaf will be born.
On May 27, the environmental workers of @ong_oceanium planted 10 hectares of mangroves among the canals of Mbissel in Central Senegal - part of the largest reforestation projects ever attempted on the continent.
Mangroves are intended as an ecological and human bulwark, with their ability (three times greater than tropical forests) to capture CO2 responsible for climate change, to stop coastal erosion, to give shelter and sustenance to animal species, food for local communities and filter the ocean waters protecting the crops in front of them.
Each hectare of mangrove, acting as a nesting site, guarantees 100 kg of fish for local population.
The hand of man, when it does not rip or destroy, knows how to cultivate its future.
Originally produced for MY EARTH IS BEATING #myEIB, a photo collection for climate by @luisaviaroma and #LVRSustainable, narrated and edited by journalist Raffaele Panizza.

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