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Milano Digital Week - 'The Limits to Development'

The fifth edition of Milano Digital Week 2022 has chosen Luca Locatelli's images to represent the theme "The Development of Limits", conceived on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the research proposed by the Club of Rome in 1972 and carried out by researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston The Limits to Development, the first "ecological" critique of the ever-expanding western production model.
Milano Digital Week 2022 overturns the paradigm and sets itself the objective of investigating the ways in which society can develop within today's constraints, reflecting on the role of digital technology, which is increasingly becoming a vehicle for knowledge, relations, and inclusion.
At the centre, as in all editions of Milano Digital Week, is the person: his visions, his ideas, his proposals - both individual and through any type of aggregation, up to the most complex organisations - from the city's productive system to the academic one, from urban intelligence to the biodiversity of skills that cross the entire spectrum of work, training and new community configurations, which constitute the developing DNA of Milan but also of the entire Planet in the third millennium.


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