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Luisa Via Roma - Campaign MY EARTH IS BEATING (Sardinia)

Under its open-air "reanimation tent", a svmbol of the fires that have devastated Sardinia and Montiferru, the thousand year-old olive tree of Cuglieri is now fighting for its survival. Until three months ago people came to its presence to touch its branches and take in the eternity it embodies. Nowadav many leave notes of stubborn hope: "You are a living soul, please recover". "The fires are not an isolated case but a signal for the Mediterranean" explains Valentina Bocciu, a researcher at the CNR, "the crops are backward, the forest areas are growing as well as the aridity: the flames find fuel and the burning season has lengthened by a month". Meanwhile, botanists Ignazio Camarda and Gianluigi Bacchetta have devised a structure to retain moisture and try to save the plant. "It won't come back the wav it was, but The Patriarch will live!
Originally produced for MY EARTH IS BEATING #myEIB, a photo collection for climate by @luisaviaroma and #LVRSustainable, narrated and edited by journalist Raffaele Panizza.

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