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Future Studies on Exhibition at the Gongbech Gallery on the Korean island of Jeju

The series by the winners of the 2020 Leica Oskar Barnack Awards, as well as those created by ten shortlisted candidates, are on display at the Gongbech Gallery on the Korean island of Jeju, until February 17, 2021.
The LOBA 2020 winning series by Luca Locatelli and the newcomer Gonçalo Fonseca, as well as those by ten further finalists, appear in a spectacular gallery display on the Korean island of Jeju. The photographic exhibit has been in place since mid-December. Since 2017, Leica Korea has been producing exclusive exhibitions at alternating locations – all under the title “O! Leica”, followed in each case by a different subtitle, added to capture the prevailing Zeitgeist.
According to the press release: “The subtitle chosen for this special exhibition, presented exclusively in Korea, is ‘After the Rainbow’. It signifies that following catastrophes, wars and tragedies, occurring around the globe, individual efforts make it possible to overcome and survive these events.” Many of the motifs in the shortlisted series reflect this theme.

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